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             All kinds of indoor electronic games and amusement machines: VR amusement equipment; self-service vending machines; video game products and accessories, mobile games and related technology equipment, online games, various entertainment machines, puzzles and entertainment facilities equipment, PC games, video games, etc. Online games, e-sports, mobile games, animation and entertainment, etc.

The amusement facilities in parks or playground: Large outdoor amusement equipment; inflatable amusement equipment; water park amusement equipment; theme park equipment products; indoor and outdoor large-scale amusement equipment, dynamic film and television equipment, landscape construction units, children's parks, sound and light technology amusement attractions facilities, music fountains, sound system, vending machines, etc.

Children's play equipment: Amusement park, naughty castle; children's educational toys;

Amusement park investment, consulting, operation management institutions: Smart travel services, tourism performing arts, property service agencies; park operators, brand promotion projects, investment and cooperation display, planning and design and brand promotion; games and tourism related media, publications, games & playground software development, game talent training institutions, etc.