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Only 2 weeks to go until the Scandinavian Gaming Show

20 August 2018, Johannesburg, South Africa/ Stockholm, Sweden
With only two weeks to go before the inaugural Scandinavian Gaming Show (Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm, Sweden, 5-6 September 2018), Eventus International discusses why the conference is important, who you will have the opportunity to meet and what you will learn.
Sweden is and will continue to be one of Europe’s most acclaimed gaming destinations both for online and land-based punters and operators. This is due to Sweden’s status as a developed market and strong economy with high disposable adult income. With the new regulations for the Swedish gambling market coming into effect from January next year, many operators would like to know what opportunities the Swedish market has and how to capitalize on them.
For a start, these new regulations will open up more opportunities for local Swedish operators to enter their own market legally. Previously, the regulatory vacuum in Sweden meant that foreign operators could nearly do anything they pleased, now the new regulations should give everyone an even starting point in a legal and regulated market. Both local and foreign regulators will have to adhere to the rules set out by the Swedish Gambling Authority, and both will have their own strengths i.e. local operators may be able to gain new players by bringing new ideas and an understanding of their own market to the table and foreign operators have the lead in terms of market awareness.
New operators means new clients for software companies, advisory services, affiliate marketing companies, media companies and other services that operators need to survive and thrive in the gambling sector.
Although all these opportunities are fantastic, everyone needs to understand that they will be entering a marathon. When the starting gun is fired in January, everyone will be running to take the lead and get the competitive edge on their competition with hundreds of applicants all vying for the number one spot. There simply is no time or room for late starters, and that’s why the Scandinavian Gaming Show is so important.
“Think of the show as both the intense training regime to prepare for the race and the call for operators to get on their marks, get ready and go for gold in January” – Jordan Crossley, Conference Producer, Eventus International
With the event taking place four months before the start of a new era in the Swedish gambling sector, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the regulations, marketing rules, strategies for succeeding in newly regulated markets, lessons in best practice and cutting-edge technologies to excite and keep punters entertained for years to come.
Delegates will also have the opportunity to meet industry icons from around the world who all come from software, operational, legal, advisory and marketing backgrounds. The Swedish Gambling Association will also be there to answer any questions you may have and assist you with applications to the Swedish Gambling Authority.
All of this excitement has already prompted hundreds of participants to register for the show.  To view the full list of companies who will be at the show, please go to the Scandinavian Gaming Show website below:
To avoid the long queues at the registration desk on the day, register for the Scandinavian Gaming Show at the link below or contact Eventus International directly.
Only 3 exhibition spaces left at the Scandinavian Gaming Show
For more information on Eventus International’s exciting special offers in the last 2 weeks before the show contact Eventus International’s Marketing Director:
Lou-Mari Burnett
Marketing Director
Eventus International
 About the event:
Now is the time to forge new partnerships in the Swedish and Scandinavian market.
The Swedish parliamentary votes in 2018 and the coming re-regulation, to be enforced from January 2019, will create numerous possibilities for the gaming sector. Sweden and Stockholm in particular will be one of the biggest iGaming hotspots of Europe and the world. Taking these momentous developments into account, Eventus International decided late last year to organise The Scandinavian Gaming Show.
The Scandinavian Gaming Show has a clear objective in mind: to help create a safe, regulated and responsible gaming environment, while opening up the market to the game-changing technological innovations our shows are known for.
New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Daily Fantasy Sports, eSports Betting, and VR Casinos are set to change the Gaming landscape forever. As these developments create massive opportunities and pose notable threats, we seek to provide the market with an unbiased programme that explores both sides of the coin. At Eventus International, we aim to equip delegates with the practical skills required to succeed in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
The Scandinavian Gaming Show will be attended by local and international gaming sector operators, software providers, payment gateway providers, fraud and AML experts, Lawyers, Gaming regulators, legislators, government officials and iGaming innovators from around the world, Compliance officers.
Register now to be part of the very first The Scandinavian Gaming Show!
Contact Eventus International’s Marketing Director; Lou Mari Burnett to find out how Eventus International can raise your profile in the Scandinavian Market
Lou-Mari Burnett
Marketing Director  
Eventus International
Phone: +27829075850